Articles on Electronic Medical Records - Why Patterns are so Important

Many articles on Electronic Medical Records touch upon why patterns are so important.

If you think about it, every physician has a "pattern" that is unique to them when treating patients. Every physician has a methodical step by step way they have developed to work thru an exam. Every phsyician has typical ways they usually work through a diagnosis and even familiar treatment protocols.

One problem with many EMR companies is that the vendor sets the pattern with no regard to individuality for the doctor. So, essentially every doctor is now conforming to the set pattern from the vendor, which makes the transition to electronic medical records even harder.

Here are some of the major components that each physician goes thru when with a patient. When you break it down into these components, you can see there are many areas where physicians may have to adjust to preset templates.

  • CC/HPI
  • EXAM
  • PLAN

However, there is an answer to this.

As mentioned in other sections of this website, there are many "resellers" of software who include customizing patterns according to each individual doctor in their pricing.

This would mean that your EMR would be templated as close to your individual patterns as possible and defaults would be set to how you typically manage a patient.

This should be a critical part of your evaluation when choosing an EMR.

The goal would be to have your individual patterns ALL APPLIED WITH ONE CLICK OF A BUTTON. ALL BUILT PER DIAGNOSIS, PER USER.

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