Your Guide to a Career In Marketing

If you are looking for a career in marketing, you need to realize that over the last ten years, we have seen a radical shift in the way customers seek out information

Nearly everyone you know...young, old and in communicating regularly by email.

A huge percentage of the population with disposable income to spend are now:

  • Searching online for products, services and other information...
  • Shopping online or making initial inquiries online to the businesses they're interested in shopping at.
  • Communicating online in a huge variety of ways. Email is just the tip of the iceberg. Your prospects and customers are using online chat services, voice communication like Skype and MSN messenger and even online web cams to communicate to each other with video.
  • They're getting an ever increasing volume of their entertainment and social outlet online with the explosion of online video and social networking sites.

Put simply, if you are looking for a marketing career and have not familiarized yourself with these marketing strategies, you will be lacking in a vital area for your marketing career.

You can follow the links provided throughout this website to familiarize yourself with some of these stragies, or you can simply buy:

Ebook - Internet Marketing Strategies

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