Computerized Medical Records - Should You Purchase Now?

Consider this:

Right now only 5% to 10% of doctors use computerized medical records. In four years or so this number of practices using EHRs is projected to reach 50% or 60%. At that time, third party payers will begin to take a closer look at reimbursement and will probably trim some of these revenue increases that present well implemented EHRs provide today.

It goes without saying that when that time comes, practices using paper charts will be hit even worse.

The longer you wait the costlier it will be. If you wait until you must implement an EHR, it will be very costly.

You will be totally at the mercy of the EHR vendors. Great deals and negotiating with vendors will be gone, and the cost of EHR implementation will sky rocket because today’s shortage of EHR implementers will become much more severe.

And as the shortage of EHR implementers increases, the cost of an EHR implementer (which ranges today between $1,000 per day to $1,850 per day plus travel and expenses) will get steeper yet.

There are some deals out there today being done by electronic medical records companies in regards to implementation, consulting, and training that will be non-existent in the future.

Right now some practices see positive cash flow right from the start because some EHR companies are able to match the financing of the EHR to the benefit realization schedule.

As EHR use increases, these "perks" may longer be offered.

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