Electronic Health Records Software - Critical Considerations

Time to get really honest here....

During the sales cycle, many electronic health records software companies ignore or downplay crucial components such as hardware, customization, or EMR training.

EMR Training is a "sticky" subject and gets a page of its own!

The magnitude of these components becomes apparent during system implementation, and - believe me - you will know if you have done your homework.

Let's face it: Its easy to sell "software". We just want to make sure the "software" that is purchased does not turn to "shelfware".

I don't know about you, but as I visit Medical EMR Software websites, I tend to end up in a "fog." They all seem to say the same thing, and I really can't differentiate one from the other.

Plus, the websites get real technical real quick - it seems that no one is answering the questions from the "customer's" angle.

I guess if I could sum up what I have found out about EMR software it would be this:

Software is software

Sure, there may be some differences from one software to another - but the bottom line is that there is alot more to this decision than just choosing a software, so one needs to get as much information about many other areas of implementing electronic medical records before making a software decision.

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