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electronic medical health record

In this particular electronic medical health records demo, this screen shot is now actually in the patient's electronic chart.

This summary screen presents a nice overview of the complete chart.

electronic medical health record summary

This graphic is simply a larger view of the left section of the patient chart.

You can see that you have complete access to the patient demographic info, you can upload a picture if you would like, you have access to allergies, a problem list, active medications, messages, and procedures done for this patient.

electronic medical health record right side

This is an enlarged view of the right hand side of the screen.

Here you can see the lab orders, health maintenance, and scanned documents for this patients.

It is important to note that this is a "live" screen. For example, if the provider wanted to look at the "urinalysis", he or she could simply double click on that word and it would automatically take you into that encounter.

The same thing is true for scanned documents. If you wanted to view a scanned document, you simply double click on the document title and it will show you the document.

electronic medical health record tool

On the left hand side of the screen shot, you can see an encounter tool bar. This tool bar can be set in any order or any preference that an individual prescriber has.

Whatever that prescriber has chosen to be at the top of the encounter tool bar will open first for them.

This particular provider has chosen to set the "summary screen" at the top of the encounter tool bar and that is what has opened.

An extremely important point of emphasis:

If a provider is at home on call, this EMR allows the physician to pull up this chart at home and look at a summary screen and have all this info right in front of them.

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