Electronic Medical Records Comparison

While getting an electronic medical records comparison sounds easy enough, it is a complicated question....kind of like asking "How much does it cost to go to Disney?" Well, it depends on if you are flying or driving? Are you staying off site or onsite? How many days are you going to the parks?

Because its a decision that requires alot of homework and analysis, electronic medical records companies tend to default to "software" costs because this is easily quantified and they can afford to mark down software costs and increase costs in other areas.

Actually most of the EHR software on the market today can do the job. There is no such thing as the “best” EHR software. Each software has its pluses and minuses – but they all work.

If you want to have a successful electronic medical records implementation, here is your "home run" question?

“Is there an EHR implementation company out there that will not only provide our practice with a solid, price competitive EHR software - but will also provide us with all the implementation consulting, clinical content customization down to the provider level (not merely the specialty level) and training for as long as it takes – even if it takes a year to do so - at no extra cost?”

This would be my goal if I were searching for electronic medical records or trying to make an electronic medical records comparison.

I would leverage my "early adoption" of EMR right now and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate with any EMR company or EMR vendor I met with.

Do not let your comparison stand on software alone!

We provide vendor comparison worksheets in our Ebook to help you compare vendors side by side when evaluating Electronic Medical Records.

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