EMR Training

The amount of EMR training you receive with your electronic medical records purchase could easily determine whether your choice of EHR will end up being a "profit or a loss."

EMR companies typically provide a minimal number of days of onsite training, and then provide "online training."

However, if you look at some of the stats out there of physicians who have purchased EMR but are unable to implement it, it clearly shows that most electronic medical records companies are not upholding their end of the training bargain. For instance, Arizona seemed to be leading the way in "uptake" of electronic medical records. They now lead the way in the number of "de-installs" of electronic medical records systems.

Essentially, once the EMR companies have sold the software, they are on their way to the next sale!

It should also be noted that the few days spent with the trainer is going to feel like being at the receiving end of a fire hose!

Many popular EMR vendors have oversold and just don’t have the trained, skilled staff that are needed to support the number of clinics they’re bringing online.

I find it interesting when I visit various medical company websites how many of them are HIRING trainers and IT personnel.

How would you like to have a "new hire" in charge of training such a complex arena as a electronic medical records system?

If you are looking at purchasing an EMR, you need to have a complete list of questions pertaining to the training that will be provided with your purchase.

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