List of Interview Questions

Obviously, no one can give a complete list of interview questions.

One thing to keep in mind: Most interviewers are going to ask questions around these behaviors or character traits:

Impact, Teamwork, Perserverance, Technical Knowledge, Work Ethic, Initiative, Planning

Its good just to practice describing where you have exemplified these traits in your current work or life experience.

Here are some sample questions:

Describe your current or most recent work experience:

What were your major responsibilities:

What did you like most about this positon and why:

What would you have changed about this position:

Why did you leave or why are you planning on leaving:

Describe a time when you discovered your work was not up to your supervisor's or company's expectations. What happened and what action did you take?

How does your productivity compare to that of others in your work place?

Describe a time when you managed a project and you had to determine assignments, schedules, and goals.

What objectives were you expected to meet this year and what steps did you take to make sure you were progressing?

Can you describe your biggest obstacle you have had to overcome to get to where you are today?

What technical training have you received?

Give me an example of the most technical assignment or project you have worked on and your role in it.

Tell me a time when you worked with someone who was less cooperative than you would have liked.

Tell me a time when you had a difficult time persuading someone to follow your idea or proposal.

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