Medical Billing Services

These are the advantages that Medical Billing Services typically provide:

  • Posting of charges – (submitted electronically)
  • Posting of payments – (electronic payments and remits)
  • Adjustments – (UCR)
  • Verify all charges received (compared to appointment list)
  • Insurance follow-up – (inquiries to insurance companies to track claims if payment not received)
  • Immediate insurance denial follow-up
  • Appointment schedules faxed to us to verify if patient’s have balances or credits
  • Aside from electronic bills to patients we do collection “notices” to patients
  • Review of accounts to determine accounts to be sent to provider(s) for decision of collection or write off
  • Verify fee schedule is in accordance with insurance allowances (on an ongoing basis)
  • Monthly reports and aging
  • Work with offices to achieve maximum reimbursement and the lowest price point
  • Client has ability to schedule, register patients, enter charges and co-pays in the office
  • All information can be interfaced to EHR

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