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medical practice management software

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  • Additional desired features in Practice Management Software

  • ICD-9 validation against the date of service: While posting a charge the system alerts if the diagnosis is invalid for the date of service or if the diagnosis listed is not fully qualified.
  • Hyperlink directly to NPPES website from referring physician table and facility tables; Emdeon Payer Lists while registering insurance plans and Insurance plan URL’s.
  • Simultaneous tasking by the computer: Processing multiple remittances, while posting charge encounters or registering patients.
  • Collecting and posting of patient co-pays without the associated encounter having to be posted and the ability to print a receipt for the patient at the time of window transaction.
  • Automated Remittance posting to accounts with a process log identifying transactions that could not be automatically posted creating a credit balance or those that have been placed in review.
  • A person-is a person, no matter what their role—there are many possible roles a person could have in connection to individual patients. Guarantors who get the bill at the end of the month, subscribers who hold the insurance policy, emergency contacts or guardians. These could all be different people or 1 in the same. When there are changes to be made, no matter what role you are updating, the changes are done in all the roles! For example, Mary Smith is a patient as well as the:
    • Guarantor on both her and her son’s account
    • Subscriber on her son’s account
    • Emergency contact for her husband, John, who is also a patient. While talking to John, he mentions his wife’s work and mobile number have changed. While viewing Mary’s details from his emergency contact, the updates are made and the changes are also made on Mary’s patient account, guarantor& subscriber info.
  • Coordination of Benefits to accompany secondary insurance claims.
  • Reporting of Patient Payment Postings for accounts in collection.

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