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This is a great screen shot of the Medical Records Electronic Prescribing section.

It is important to mention that there are three ways to prescribe off of this screen - you can fax, eprescribe, or print.

This screen gives you warnings based on drug to drug, drug allergy, drug to disease, and drug to age.

In the top right hand tool bar, you will see "print instructions." This is like the PI that comes in a sample box.

You will also see "check dose" in that area which allows you to check prescriptions to see if they are in the recommended range (babies, elderly).

There are two different ways to populate prescriptions. A physician can hit "refill" and it will pull all active prescriptions and you can choose to refill the ones you want or can can select to "add" a new medication.

When you add a new medication, you can pull from your own “user list” that is a short list you have of typical prescriptions you prefer. You can pull from a clinic list which is a broader list of the ones your clinic typically prescribes. Or you can choose from "all", which is the entire PDR plus durable goods.

You can change quantities or refills.

Quantities, refill policies, and samples can all be customized per provider to eliminate duplicate tasks.

You can choose to DAW.

You can also add non-prescription recommendations here - (fish oil, vitamins, etc)

****It is important to check to see that your EMR vendor updates the prescribing information every 30 days.***

(There is a separate screen shot that will be shown later that provides formulary information.)

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