What is asp or Web Based EMR?


What is ASP? This graphic might be the easiest way to show this concept.

Rather than purchasing and maintaining expensive file servers, backup systems and power generators to store and protect your data on-site, a Web Based EMR allows you to store your data remotely.

Using a Web Based EMR typically means faster deployment, easier access, and lower total cost of ownership for your EHR.

By removing the need for in-house servers, you have the flexibility to expand easily and inexpensively.

In addition, backups are done professionally to ensure that your data is protected, and a generator provides continuous power to the Data Center in the event of a power outage to ensure uninterrupted availability of the file servers that house your patient data.

So, let's summarize some clear advantages of a web based EMR.

  • Less hardware configuration required for implementation.

  • Low startup equipment costs - no file servers or expensive backup systems to purchase, maintain, and upgrade.

  • Vendor manages all backups, load balancing and provides professional business service offerings in continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Special network connections (such as VPNs) between sites are NOT required.

  • Vendor manages, installs and configures all software patches, updates and upgrades. There is no need for the practice to download or install anything.

  • Fewer IT functions required by office staff.

  • Vendor hosted data centers provide the highest industry levels of reliability, redundancy, security and power to insure the availability of patient records.

This graphic shows some comparsions between various models.

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